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New report from Doro - smartphones and smart-homes - the new way of delivering care to seniors


25 February | 2019


The steady rise in life expectancy is causing strains on our health and care systems and is becoming a serious challenge, not only for individuals, but for society at large. New technology has an important role to play in meeting this challenge. By implementing smart solutions for the elderly, welfare systems can not only cut costs but also improve the quality and accessibility to welfare services for everyone involved.


Changing demographics and societal challenges

The rise in public spending on the ageing population and scarcity of care workers leads to shifting healthcare needs and intensifying pressure on our health systems. With the report “Smartphones and Smart-homes – the new way of delivering care to seniors”, Doro showcase how digital solutions can empower the care givers by letting seniors continue to live at home and feel secure at the same time.


The report shows how technology such as GPS alarms, cloud-connected homes and wearable devices can be used to secure the health and wellbeing of seniors. It can enable professional care givers and relatives to remotely monitor a senior person’s health at times when they are called away from a residence. This can solve problems related to the growing disparity between the working age population and the senior population.


“We see fantastic potential in how technology can be used to meet some of the demands faced by today’s society in relation to the ageing population. Many tech products out there are creating real value in the chain-of-care, but due to rigid legislation or regulations, the implementation of new technology is to some extent obstructed. Hopefully this report will change some of that”, says Robert Puskaric, CEO and President of Doro.


Response by Doro introduced to the European market

In light of the latest research, Doro now introduces the mobile safety service Response by Doro to multiple European markets. The service, which has been live in Sweden since 1st November 2018, provides extra safety and connects seniors to Doro’s alarm receiving centres by a simple push of the assistance button if an accident occurs and no family is available to answer. Response by Doro is integrated with Doro’s unified cloud service MyDoro and will be available on Android and iOS in Q2 2019.


“Our core belief is that technical healthcare solutions increase the safety and independency for seniors at the same time as both relatives and care givers get a greater overview. Response by Doro will accomplish this, and we are proud to introduce the service to senior citizens in the UK. This marks an important step in our continued growth”, says Robert Puskaric.


Key insights from “Smartphones and Smart-homes – the new way of delivering care to seniors”

  • Technology such as AI, robotics, machine learning, cloud computing, IoT, sensor technology and voice recognition is the key to success in future elderly care.
  • Through machine learning, cloud-connected homes can foresee accidents based on changes in the individual’s routines and patterns – giving both relatives and carers a greater overview.
  • Smart monitor technology both improves access to health care services for elderly people in rural areas along with being cost efficient because of fewer readmissions to hospital.
  • Technology can, by improving communication between professionals and their patients, coordinate and integrate different elements of care in a more efficient way than was previously possible. The technology is a tool that allows professionals to further align their approach to care in a way that directly benefits the patient.


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