Doro 6060: Elegant flip phone with large buttons and a second external display

The stylish Doro 6060 flip phone in black or red and white is the high-end device in the new product range. It not only looks smart and fits securely in your hand, but also offers numerous functions for improved participation in the modern world of communication. Thanks to the second external display, the user does not need to open it up to see how late it is or who is calling. The external display is 1.77 inches in size, while the internal screen measures 2.8 inches. The device also comes with a camera function and a charging cradle. The assistance button enables users to enjoy carefree lives, as help can be summoned at the touch of a button if the worst happens. Another benefit is GPS security, so family or friends can see immediately where the mobile phone user is located.


Doro 7030: Elegant 4G flip phone with WhatsApp and Facebook

The Doro 7030 is a user-friendly mobile phone for 4G LTE networks with a large, easy-to-read 2.8-inch display, large, manageable buttons and a camera function with flash. With this device, photos, videos or news can be shared quickly and easily with family or friends via Facebook or WhatsApp over WiFi. Thanks to the MyDoro® software, users can manage their smartphones with ease – including remote access. With the software it is as easy to adjust the settings as it is to manage contacts or connections and speed-dial numbers. In addition, the Doro 7030 provides GPS localisation.


Doro 6620: Stylish flip phone with large screen and 3G

The large, clear screen of the Doro 6620 enables users to view and read images and text in a larger, clearer format. Problem-free use has been key in the development of this device, as with all Doro solutions. This is clear, among other things, from the practical charging cradle, which is included as standard. With the 2.8-inch display and the camera function, taking great photos, writing messages, viewing pictures and reading texts, e-mails or notifications becomes quick and easy. One particular benefit of this telephone its clear sound. Whether you’re in a bustling city or on the bus: Users are able to blend out background noise because the device boasts impressive sound quality, enabling them to not only hear better, louder and more clearly, but also to be heard better. Thanks to GPS localization family or friends can see where the mobile phone user is located.


Doro 7010: High-quality design meets convenience of use and 4G LTE including social media

The easy-to-use bar phone Doro 7010 likewise has large buttons, an easy-to-read 2.8-inch QVGA screen and is suitable for 4G LTE networks. On top of this, it boasts a 3MP camera with flash for great memories and photos. A torch function is also included. As with the Doro 7030, with the 7010 photos, videos or news can be shared quickly and easily with family and friends via Facebook or WhatsApp over WiFi. Other benefits include an emergency button and GPS, as well as the MyDoro software for convenient management and configuration of the device and its content. This can also be handled by a son, daughter or friend remotely from their own computer.


A new innovative and user-focused design


The modern, user-oriented and attractive design of the new telephones is the outcome of the collaboration with the agency WMP. The main foundation for this was numerous surveys, discussions and observations with representatives of the target group to pinpoint the design approach and the ideas. Here, the focus remained on creating telephones that are easy and intuitive to use without being patronising. The soft, curved forms provide comfort and security in the hand and make it easy to open and close the devices. Furthermore, the buttons are very clear to see and are arranged so they are distinct from one another, meaning users can be sure they will hit the right one.

The shape, size and position of specific features such as assistance button or camera lens and the Doro logo are consistent throughout the full product range. With these devices, user-friendliness is combined with an appealing and attractive look and feel.


Hugo Martin, Director of Product Design at WMP, comments: “This was a dream project for our team. We were working with a great customer and were intensely involved throughout the entire project, from design research through to the identification of previously unrecognised needs among the target group and on to the successful realisation of all the telephones in the product range.”