The handset includes an Assistance button with GPS positioning, providing loved ones with peace of mind in case of emergency.
The Doro 6620 is available in the UK and on sale on Amazon UK, O2 and Tesco Mobile, SRP £95.


Key features for the Doro 6620

  • Easy-to-use clamshell phone.
  • 3G enabled
  • HD voice technology allowing extra loud and clear sound
  • Hearing Aid Compatibility so that, even in noisy environments, users can hear and be heard
  • Assistance button located on the back of the device with GPS positioning
  • 8-inch main colour display
  • Large and well-separated high-contrast keys

Peter Marsden, Managing Director UK and Ireland, Doro, says:

“The Doro 6620 lets users stay connected with an even better sound experience. We know that volume and sound quality is of high importance to our customers, which is why we have implemented new HD voice technology. Doro’s range of feature phones have been a resounding success with users across the world. The Doro 6620 is an important addition to our suite offering users more choice than ever before.”