Doro launches next generation smartphone for seniors., the Doro 8100

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Doro launches next generation smartphone for seniors, the Doro 8100

  • The handset is equipped with a user-friendly interface, HD display, enhanced sound and HAC, a new triple-lens camera and NFC for secure digital transactions.
  • An emergency Response button is featured on the back of the device allowing relatives to remotely adjust settings, such as ringtones and font size on the device.
  • The Doro 8100 comes pre-installed with the TeamViewer QuickSupport app for full device control and support.


London, 3rd May 2022: Doro, the European market leader in senior mobile phones, today announces that the Doro 8100, the next generation smartphone developed to meet the evolving needs of senior users, is now available for purchase.


The phone’s stylish design and HD+ display is complimented with intuitive features, enhancing accessibility and ease-of-use. It’s equipped with functions tailored for seniors, such as loud and clear sound and HAC, and comes with the user-friendly EVA interface, which streamlines navigation.


Through the unique TeamViewer Quick Support app, which is pre-installed on the phone, a relative can take full control of the device, providing them with remote access to check, update or change settings remotely once access has been granted by the Doro phone’s owner. This provides the user and their circle of care with added peace of mind, knowing that assistance is always within reach.


For added peace of mind, the handset is also compatible with Response by Doro. This can be activated via the Response button, located on the back of the phone, and alerts pre-selected loved ones when pressed in an emergency. Simultaneously, it will send the user’s location via GPS and the app will update all connected contacts when one of the care circle accepts the alert.

The Doro 8100 is available via the Doro Store on Amazon UK for £179.99, exclusive of the charging cradle. The phone will soon be available on major networks and stocked at additional retailers.


Peter Marsden, Managing Director UK and Ireland, Doro, says: “At Doro, we’ve seen first-hand how senior demands have changed over the last two years, with older users becoming more confident with technology and increasingly favouring modern, intuitive, yet easy-to-use devices. Despite this, we know that senior users often require a level of accessibility which is all too often forgotten by phone manufactures. The launch of the Doro 8100 addresses this. The next generation device provides our users with access to apps and features available on the latest smartphones, but also with valuable functions that help to mitigate any small challenges that may come with age, from a slight loss of hearing or dexterity through to vision impairments.”


Doro 8100 key features

Ergonomically adapted for easy use

With a large 6.1” screen, the phone is adapted to be just as easy to grip, hold and handle. The Doro 8100 has large icons and text as well as an increased sensitivity to simple keystrokes to make the phone as easy to use as possible. The phone has also been adapted for those with reduced hearing capabilities, a function that is often requested by seniors. The phone’s menu allows three or four key icons to be listed across the width of the home screen, streamlining navigation. And the newly-improved start up wizard means that key settings – from WiFi to the phone’s sound profile – can easily be set up when you first turn on the device.


EVA interface – an improved navigation experience
The Doro 8100 is equipped with EVA – our patented, action-based interface that comes with all Doro smartphones. EVA stands for 'Enkel, Vänlig och för Alla', a Swedish phrase that translates to “Easy, friendly and for everyone”. Based on Android Go, EVA makes using a smartphone even easier. It provides access to Google Play, Google Assistant and downloaded apps, such as WhatsApp, are seamlessly included in the menu. Its streamlined layout is designed to maximise user experience – from sending a message to searching for a photo, navigating through commands and files is straightforward. It gives users clear choices and acts on their wishes based on the chosen responses.


TeamViewer, for remote control and increased security

Doro 8100 is pre-installed with the TeamViewer Quick Support service. This feature allows a loved one or carer to take full control of the device once permission has been granted, providing them with remote access to check, update or change settings remotely. For example, they can raise and lower the volume and adjust other settings, download and install apps and address troubleshooting issues. In addition, supporting friends or relatives can make these adjustments either from their own smartphone (iOS or Android) or from a PC.


Three cameras in one - for better pictures, even in low light

Doro 8100's new camera consists of three cameras in one, to help the user capture memorable moments. The camera's three lenses, including macro and portrait, enable sharp and high-resolution images and can also read QR codes, a function that has become more common in everyday life. The menu has also been renewed to remove complexity – ensuring that seniors can easily access the key functions of the camera.


Increased environmental focus and IP54 certified

Doro 8100 is IP54 certified, which means that the phone can withstand splashes of water and dust. This makes the phone more robust and resistant to external influences. In addition, Doro has increased its environmental focus – large parts of the packaging material around the phone and its accessories are made using recycled and biodegradable materials. Excess material has also been removed or replaced by more environmentally friendly alternatives.


For added peace of mind, the Doro 8100 also comes with a free screen replacement within the first 12 months of purchase, should the user need it. Further details can be found within the phone packaging and via the Doro website here.